Absolute Internship: Claims students left without visas in Singapore spark national review - ABC News

A national review of paid overseas internships is underway after a group of university students alleged they had been left stranded without working visas in Singapore.


Seven students from some of Australia's most prestigious universities say they paid up to $6,500 to the Hong Kong-based company Absolute Internship for its internship program and accommodation.

The students have told the ABC that when they arrived in Singapore to begin their internships, they discovered the company had not arranged for their mandatory work visas.

It is illegal to work in Singapore without an appropriate visa.

Caroline Mackay, 20, is studying commerce at the University of Western Australia and said she was deeply disappointed with her Absolute Internship experience.

She paid about $3,000 for a one-month internship in Singapore including weekend activities, accommodation, networking events and visas.

"Hardly any of those things were given to us," she said.

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