Sorry, but internships are not 'opportunities' until you pay us - The Guardian

The term 'intern' has crept into the Australian lexicon, lending an air of legitimacy to a dodgy practice. Desperate young people should not be seen as walking dollar signs.

Are you a student or recent graduate who THRIVES on DEADLINES? Are you willing to do all tasks to get some amazing experience, no matter how menial? Are you a ROCKSTAR who will ensure that our brand image underlies all our materials – FOR FREE?

There aren't many texts more depressing to read than job advertisements for unpaid internships. Like ads for other menial jobs, they use absurd and insulting hyperbole in inverse proportion to the quality of the position, as though seeing the word SUPERSTAR enough times will make you forget how boring the duties are. Compounding the misery is the knowledge that whomever drafted the ad was probably ... an intern.

As a young Australian trying to build a career, I wade through piles of these every time I go looking for work. Most attempt to frame themselves as a service for junior workers, as though the company is providing experience out of the goodness of their hearts. An act of charity, if you will. This sort of sophistry neatly inverts the actual benefactor-beneficiary relationship: for-profit companies are attempting to save money on entry level positions by extracting unpaid labour from a population of vulnerable young people, many of whom are unaware that these arrangements are often illegal.

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