Interns are now on the government’s agenda: IA at the Youth Employment Roundtable

Youth unemployment is one of the greatest challenges in modern day Australia.

Charged with addressing the highest youth unemployment rates in decades, Commonwealth Employment Minister, the Honourable Michaelia Cash, hosted a high-level roundtable for the major players in youth employment – Interns Australia among them.


With 22 leaders discussing creating jobs, balancing fairness and economic development, flexibility and developing skills for the future, it was the perfect platform for the culture of unpaid and unregulated internships to be put before the minister.

While Chatham House Rules prevent us from revealing all the details, we were thrilled with the discussions and being able to discuss the reality of the intern experience in Australia with the Minister, the Department of Employment and key stakeholders – many of whom reinforced IA’s views that the current system of employment law fails to adequately protect and support young people as they seek to transition into full time employment.

Our verdict: A major success for interns and Interns Australia.

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