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Executive Director - Sarah Ashman-Baird

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Sarah currently works in corporate strategy and operations in the capital investment market, prior to which the majority of her career was spent in digital marketing and corporate communications. Sarah started her work with Interns Australia on the consulting side reviewing the organisation strategy, from which she developed a keen interest in contributing to an improved culture of internships. Having completed two internships herself, she saw the value in well-structured internships and would like to see a similar high standard adopted more broadly.


Deputy Director - Jack Kenchington-Evans

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Jack is a practising lawyer and trade union official. He has specialised in labour law in private legal practice, has worked for unions in advocacy and research roles, and has delivered seminars and papers examining the relationship between labour law, labour markets, and vocational education and training. 


Secretary - Colleen Chen

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Colleen works in private legal practice and has a research background in intellectual property management, labour law and international law. She has undertaken teaching and research positions at Australian universities, and is an advisory board member of several youth and labour relations organisations. In 2015 she was awarded the National Youth Employment Award by the Department of Education and Training for her work raising awareness of youth employment issues in Australia. 



Treasurer - Bradley Kalgovas

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Bradley currently works for Pottinger, a global consulting firm, identifying and developing innovative growth opportunities through rigorous strategic and financial analysis. Bradley is passionate about developing financially sound strategic advice for companies which promote sustainable growth and views internships as critical in ensuring that organizations are able to leverage young talent effectively. At Interns Australia, he harnesses his expertise in strategy, finance, technology and innovation from his experience as a management consultant, investment banker, academic researcher, and entrepreneur to ensure that the organisation continues to grow its influence and impact.


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Policy Director - Clara Jordan-Baird

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Clara is a Melbourne lawyer and has previously worked as associate at the Supreme Court of Victoria, research assistant at the Melbourne Law School, and speechwriter for a Federal MP. Clara's interest in internships was sparked after interning for both United States Congress and the UK House of Commons. Her working paper on the legal status of internships under Victorian law, ‘Experience Essential, Remuneration None’ was published by the Centre of Employment and Labor Relations Law, University of Melbourne, and was favourably highlighted by leading employment law publications including Workplace Express. 



Communications Director - Dimity Mannering

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Dimity works in financial services, managing corporate affairs, media, communications and stakeholder relations across Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Admitted as a lawyer, she has worked in employment law in corporate law firms and not-for-profit legal centres and previously advised on the communications for the European Union’s youth unemployment and justice strategies. During work and study in Europe and Asia, Dimity became interested in the phenomenon of internships after witnessing the impact of economic fragility on young and vulnerable workers. 


Human Resources Director - Matthew Ng

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Matthew Ng is a committed and passionate youth organiser, unionist and campaigner. He has previously worked with the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, Oaktree, Getup!, United Voice NSW, the Health Services Union NSW, the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney's Justice and Peace Office and the Sydney Alliance. While studying Business at the University of Technology Sydney, Matthew completed two unpaid internships, which informed his view of a need for greater representation and advocacy of Australian interns.





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