Sydney intern architect underpaid almost $7000 - The Sydney Morning Herald

A student was underpaid almost $7000 during an internship with a Sydney firm of architects, a Fair Work Ombudsman investigation has found. 

The student was completing a masters degree in architecture when he was paid $12 per hour for six months of full-time work.

His duties included architectural drawing, consulting with clients and and conducting site visits.

The Fair Work Ombudsman found that the student, aged in his 20s, should have been paid under the Architects Award and was short-changed $6830.

He performed work that was not a part of his university studies, entitling him to a minimum wage of $16.37 per hour, rising to $21.19 an hour after his graduation. 

The company also failed to pay the student his correct leave entitlements or to issue him with any pay slips. 

The company back-paid the employee after the Fair Work Ombudsman's intervention. It also agreed to donate $500 to Interns Australia.

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