Are you a union?


No. Interns Australia is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that represents and supports interns. We promote awareness of the growing prevalence of unpaid internships in Australia and engage with employers, industry bodies, education institutions, government and other stakeholders to effect positive change for interns and the community.

What does the Interns Australia logo represent?


Our logo is an image of an elephant incorporating the letters 'ia'. The logo represents the "elephant in the room" - the thousands of Australian interns and work placement students who work unprotected and unrepresented under Australia's workplace relations system. Our logo was designed by Brooklyn-based illustrator Vincy Cheung

I have an issue with my internship. Where can I go?


The Fairwork Ombudsman can help you. If you believe you have a legal issue, give them a call on 13 13 94.

Member of a union? Give them a call. They may be able to assist in resolving workplace conflict. 

Tell us your story - our movement is built on stories! Contact Us

How can I get involved?


There are many ways to get involved at Interns Australia. You can join our mailing list, attend an event, volunteer or donate. Shoot us an email at admin@internsaustralia.org for any further discussion. 

I need to get work experience. Does Interns Australia link students to internships?


While advocacy is at the core of what we do at Interns Australia, we do occasionally link students to employers who offer paid and well-structured internships. Interns Australia is in the process of launching an accreditation program that will help students better identify good quality internships.

What are my rights as an intern?


Most of the time, interns are placed in the workplace without an understanding of their labour rights. Did you sign a contract? Are you covered for workplace injuries? Is your intellectual property protected? Find out more on our Resources page.



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