Employer Misrepresents Interns' Pay and Conditions

Earlier this month the Federal Circuit Court fined a director of a company for underpaying her interns, and for misrepresenting the nature of the interns' employment.

The irony in this case: that same director had previously run a blog telling employers to "say 'no' to douche-bag internships" and "stop the free labour and treating interns like crap!" - she went on to underpay a graphic design intern by $5,114, a multimedia intern by $3,952 and a reception/marketing assistant intern by $1,118.

The judge commented that the effect of the letters of offer to the 3 above interns was "at best was misleading and deceptive if one accepts that [the director] was unaware that she was breaching the laws, if not completely reckless, and at worse formed part of a calculated and carefully executed fraud upon these three young women," said Judge Riethmuller.      


Check out the Guardian article: http://www.theguardian.com/money/2016/feb/16/court-issues-17k-penalty-for-not-paying-interns-for-three-months-work

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