Who can apply for the pledge?


Any Australian organisation can apply. We will provide feedback if your application is unsuccessful, working with you to identify the steps needed for your organisation to be successful. 

When do applications close?


We take applications on a rolling basis, all year-round. 

How long does the application process take?


The application process has no set time frame, and applications are taken year-round. The time taken to review your application will depend on the complexity of your Internship program and if all the needed information has been submitted. 

What will we receive upon pledging?


Businesses whose internship programs meet the Pledge criteria will be invited to join the program and be licensed to use the National Fair Internship seal. Interns Australia extensively promotes NFIP internship programs.

How can I get more information about the Pledge?


If you would like an information pack on the National Fair Internship Pledge, please email nfip@internsaustralia.org.

Why join the National Fair Internship Pledge?


Employers of all sizes operating in all industries choose to take the National Fair internship Pledge to:

  • improve workplace diversity by increasing the accessibility of an internship program;
  • attract and recruit high calibre internship candidates;
  • receive an independent tick of approval for an internship program from Australia’s first and only intern support and advocacy body;
  • enhance the reputation of an internship program and an organisation through recognition from Interns Australia;
  • gain fresh perspectives and ideas;
  • achieve corporate social responsibility goals;
  • contribute to creating a culture of fair and quality internships in Australia.

Why do prospective interns choose internship programs from NFIP employers?


Prospective interns choose internship programs under the NFIP seal to:

  • have confidence that an internship will be fair and worthwhile;
  • gain valuable knowledge, skills and experience in a supportive, professional environment;
  • participate in a remunerated internship program;
  • align themselves with an employer that demonstrates a commitment to supporting the next generation.

What are the promotional benefits for NFIP organisations?


Interns Australia is committed to promoting NFIP organisations and supporting them to promote their pledge. To do this, we:

  • offer approved internship programs the NFIP seal for use on your online and printed collateral;
  • post your organisation’s logo and website link on the Interns Australia web page;
  • include your organisation’s logo in Interns Australia newsletters and in appropriate printed and online materials;
  • announce your sign up to the Pledge and appropriate updates relating to your organisation’s internship program on social media;
  • can arrange to present at your annual graduate recruitment or other event.



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