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TechnologyOne, Australia’s largest enterprise software provider operates across six countries and says interns are a key part of its success.

“TechnologyOne has one of the largest Australian-owned R&D centres for enterprise software, with a dedicated team of 300 developers. Each year, 20 per cent of our revenue is invested into our substantial R&D program, which continues to produce leading-edge technology,” said TechnologyOne Executive Chairman Adrian Di Marco. “Key to our Research & Development program and the growth of our talent is the recruitment of interns. They play a key part in our culture of collaboration and creativity, bringing with them new ideas and ways of working that drive innovation.

“We believe our expanding intern and graduate programs will continue as the foundation of our talent pipeline into the future, and have developed strategies for investing in and valuing our high performers."

Internships @ Technology One


Finity is a leading actuarial and management consulting firm to the general and health insurance industries in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

“My summer internship at Finity was an amazing way to peek into life as an actuarial consultant. Finity has so much variety in terms of the type of work we do –the business size of the clients we work for, the types of insurance classes and the nature of our actuarial work. As an intern, this variety was a massive opportunity to get a good understanding of the different ways actuaries work,” said Finity intern Calise Liu.

Internships @ Finity


 "THE position of the trades unions in Melbourne has long been one to excite envy, and a spirit of emulation in the brethren all over the continent of Australia and in Great Britain. Nowhere... have greater results or a more compact or powerful organisation been achieved. The central body, which forms a kind of parliament of all these trade unions, is called the Trades Hall Council." - The Barrier miner. Broken Hill, NSW. Thursday 2 January 1890

The Victorian Trades Hall Council helps organise activities and campaigns with and on behalf of affiliated unions. It knows that young people are also more likely to face exploitation in the workplace, and has a number of projects such as the Young Workers Centre and Union Summer aimed at changing that. 

Internships @ The Victorian Trades Hall Council


 AIM is Australia's largest membership organisation for managers and leaders, helping people become managers and managers become leaders. Over its 75 year history, AIM has provided training to a least half a million people and is a trusted training partner to over half the companies on the ASX200. 

AIM Internships have been designed to allow students to gain practical experience across a variety of core business areas within the AIM organisation. AIM Internships offer the opportunity to gain valuable experience and insight into day-to-day business practices, and help develop a greater understanding of the intern's desired career path. 

Internships @ the Australian Institute of Management


Australian Government: Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development

The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development contributes to the wellbeing of all Australians by assisting the Government to: promote, evaluate, plan and invest in infrastructure; foster an efficient, sustainable, competitive, safe and secure transport system; and ensure a strong and liveable Australia by focusing on effective local government and external territories administration and regional development that enables communities to achieve economic and social dividends. 

The Department's well-structured, paid internship program was recently voted in as a Top Intern/Vacation Program (Australia). The program allows university students to develop valuable work experience within the Australian Public Service, and provides an avenue to encourage students to continue employment with the Department (via the Department's Graduate Development Program). 

Internships @ the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development



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